The world is shocked by the devastating fire of the worlds greatest lady..
‘While watching the horrific scenes and extremely sad for such a huge loss of our common Western past
I text my French associate and our co – founder my support and empathy.

She answered me unexpectedly…

‘no worries; stop watching it. It will make you sad.
France will restore her historical patrimoine and gloire as she always did.
Continue the job. We got a company to build…! ‘

The determination of one of our leading ladies; even touched right in their french hearts,
looks symbol to me of the company spirit and our extroardinary people.

Truly thankful and humble to lead this company and her extraordinary workers to our European dream,
we will continue to serve our customers even better than ever before.

And our grand lady..
She will rise again and stand many coming centuries.

Dimitri Maes – Stratton Maes founder and associate